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Another Chance Rescue was founded after many years of volunteer work with local shelters. So many of the dogs that entered into the shelter system were euthanized due to over crowding, we are giving them Another Chance to find a new home with loving families.

Another Chance Rescue offers assistance to people wo have run into hard times. Many who lose their homes, and/or are ill with no where to turn for a safe place for their beloved pets. Some whose dogs unexpectedly had a litter of puppies and now need vaccinations, altering and to be adopted into approved loving homes. Little ones with no voice, who need someone to speak for them.


Medical Dog in Need

Web Image: Smokey Smokey Needs Your Support:

Smokey has severe dental disease and is in need of a surgery. He does not appear to have ever had a dental therefore he has developed some infections due to really bad teeth. His surgery is expected to cost $350.00 and we could sure use some support to help cover his medical care. If you are able to donate anything Smokey would be very grateful.